Friday Favorites, volume 6

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great Halloween! The spooky holiday isn’t really my jam, so I usually just watch Halloweentown and buy candy … for myself, haha. (I’m kind of a chicken so I tend to stay far, far away from everything scary).

Without further adieu, I present to you the first mega version of Friday Favorites:

1. Michael Buble joined James Corden this past week for Carpool Karaoke in association with Stand Up to Cancer. The video featured Buble’s greatest hits, some laughs and the crooner discussing his son, Noah’s, battle with liver cancer since being diagnosed in 2016 at the age of 3.

2. I’ve tried just about every type of pizza crust and dough Trader Joe’s has to offer. I’m here to tell you there’s a new pizza crust in town and (Kanye voice), it is the best pizza crust of all time. It’s flavorful, easy to cook and comes in a two-pack! You can find it in the bakery section at your local Trader Joe’s.

3. A few months ago I took an Enneagram personality type test for a job interview (random, I know), but didn’t really delve into it or give it a second thought afterward. Fast forward to today and I feel like it’s all anyone can talk about! So, I gave the test another go. I got my results, really read into the top 3 types I got, took the variant test and long story short … whoa! I’m a 6w5 and reading up on everything was so interesting. Also, Sleeping At Last is releasing songs based on each type. How cool is that?! If you don’t know your Enneagram personality type, here are a couple tests:

The official test
The free version
(I did the two tests on the free version)

4. Singer-songwriter Andrew Belle recently released his EP, Dive Deep (Hushed), a collection of slowed-down songs from his 2017 album, Dive Deep. The entire EP is beyond incredible. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and press play.



5. Ok, ok, just one more Trader Joe’s item. Their new Pepita Salsa is AHmazing. Pumpkin seeds, puréed bell pepper and chipotle spices? Yes, please!

6. I love fall as much as the next person, but winter is my absolute favorite time of the year. So head to your nearest Target and stock up on all the best sweaters before they run out! There are so many good ones right now, too. Like this one or this one.

7. I’ve been following Claire and the Crosbys on YouTube for a while now, and this has got to be the cutest little family I ever did see. Claire gained recognition in 2016 after singing The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World” at age 3. Her and her dad, Dave (who was a contestant on NBC’s The Voice), gained even more celebrity for their adorable father-daughter rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend In Me.” Since then, they’ve been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a number of times and sung at various events across the country. This week, they shared Claire’s Disney princess medley filmed at Walt Disney World. Press play and then try to tell me it didn’t melt your heart:

8. I recently read this article from Darling Magazine that talks about the evolution of friendships and man oh man does it make you think. How have your friendships changed through the years? Are you mindful of the company you keep?

9. Let’s talk essential oils. Did you know they’re health-promoting botanicals that support emotional wellness, physical wellness and more? They can be used aromatically, topically or by ingestion. And they smell incredible! (Bye, candles). I love mixing new blends each day and the incredible ways they support overall wellness. I’m talking all about natural living over at Poppy + Pine on Instagram if you’re interested!

10. Singer-songwriter Novo Amor recently released his debut album, Birthplace, and the entire thing is a work of art. The video for the title track is equally as incredible as it focuses on the effect humans have on the planet through their use of plastic and other waste.