This Week In Music, volume 7

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! November, December and January are my absolute favorite months — they’re filled with hopes, dreams and all winter things. If I could live in a snow globe, I would.

Also, side-note: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton just released the music video for their Christmas jingle, ‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas,’ and it’s a hoot! It’s not part of this week’s playlist, but check out the video below anyway!

While I’ve been listening to a lot of holiday classics this season, I’ve also had many acoustic songs ready on deck for the cold, winter drives ... to Trader Joe’s. Hah. I kid. (But not really).

Here are some new releases and songs I’ve been loving lately:

1. Back to the Start — The Light the Heat

I stumbled upon The Light the Heat a while back and they’ve been on heavy rotation ever since! Their lyrics are laced with emotion and crafted with incredible instrumental detail. The nostalgia-filled ‘Back to the Start’ is the title track off their latest EP and if winter had a sound, this would be it.

2. Sometimes — Benjamin Francis Leftwich

I’ve never heard a Benjamin Francis Leftwich song I didn’t like. His acoustic melodies are my go-to for cozy nights in and ‘Sometimes’ is no exception. 

3. Everything Goes (Wow) — Broods

New Zealand music duo, Broods, is back at it with another fun and carefree tune. The two recently opened for Taylor Swift in Australia and New Zealand and even more recently, announced their next album, Don’t Feed The Pop Monster, due out Feb. 1. ‘Everything Goes (Wow)’ is the first single off their forthcoming album.

4. Beloved — Mumford & Sons

The boys are back! ‘Beloved’ is undoubtedly my favorite track off the British band’s new album, Delta. They recently released videos for each song in coordination National Geographic and I’m in love. Check out the one for ‘Beloved’ below.

5. Glow - acoustic — Gavin James

Acoustic versions of songs always make me swoon. They feel more raw and emotional and this song makes me want to sit in a corner of a coffee shop, watching Gavin James perform it live. Also, those lyrics *single tear falls down face.*

Love, don’t let me go / If you feel the glow, out from the cold / If you love me tell me so (Oh)

6. Knees - Live 2018 — Peter and Kerry

’Knees’ is my absolute favorite Peter and Kerry song, so when I saw they released a live version I squealed and rushed to press play. Maybe not the most uplifting song, but its powerful emotion is that much more evident in the live version, no?

7. Between You and Me — Betty Who                                   

I’m honestly surprised the first time I heard of Betty Who was on an episode of ‘The Bachelorette.’ ‘Between You & Me’ showcases her unique voice through its catchy beat and chorus.

8. Do I Know Your Name? — Donovan Woods

DONOVAN WOODS. Remember that name because this guy is magic. I recently stumbled upon him and I could listen to his stuff all day long. I also could have picked any song of his for this spot, but this 2016 tune has been on repeat over here. Also, ‘Portland, Maine.’ 

9. Portland, Maine — Donovan Woods

Ok, ‘Portland, Maine’ needs to be on here, too. So. Many. Good. Songs! 

10. Silent Ocean — Generationals

The retro-esque duo, Generationals, just dropped their latest single, ‘Silent Ocean,’ and I’m a sucker for their quirky, techno, new wave beats.

11. I Was Wrong - Acoustic Version — Ed Prosek

Another one of my favorites turned acoustic. ‘I Was Wrong’ is intimate, vulnerable and the first single off his upcoming EP. Ed Prosek, ladies and gents.  

12. Home Alone, Too — The Staves

There’s no way I couldn’t include some kind of Christmas song! This trio of sisters just released this gloomy holiday tune (apparently, there is such a thing), and once again reminded us of their incredible harmonies. Also, props to whoever came up with the song name.