Friday Favorites, volume 1

Friday tends to be everyone's favorite day of the week. Can ya blame 'em? It's the end of the work week and start of the weekend. It's officially time to par-TAYYYY! And by 'party' I mean go to bed by 8 o'clock each night, eat my weight in pizza and live in my pajamas until I'm forced to interact with the outside world again.

But I digress. 

Every Friday or so, I thought I'd add a little more sparkle to your day and share my five favorite things from that week — things I've read, seen, listened to, watched — you name it.

That striped, linen dress on sale at Target? The latest single from Nick Mulvey? The inspirational article I read in the NYT? The new trend Goop is raving about? A clip from Ellen that you just HAVE TO SEE?

You'll find it here in a series I'd like to call Friday Favorites. Think of it like Oprah's Favorite Things ... but probably less glamorous. 

Without further ado, here's this week's round-up of my favorite things:

1. Doughnut bookends. NEED I SAY MORE?! Target, $14.99 (spoiler alert: they also come in tacos and cheeseburgers ... )

2. "Self-compassion is a super power to living a wholehearted life." Wow wow wowza. The ladies at Darling Magazine shared their thoughts on the importance of self-compassion. Give it a read.

3. An overall JUMPER. A JUMPER! Didn't think these existed. Also didn't know I needed one until this moment. Madewell, $120.

4. My mom recently sent me this list of book recommendations via Bustle. Currently adding to my never-ending list of must-read books. Aren't moms the greatest?

5. Trader Joe’s Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins!!! TJ's recently posted these on their Instagram and when I went grocery shopping a few days ago, I had to grab them. They're everything I didn't know I needed in my life. And they taste just like Thin Mints! HALLELUJAH! A 6-oz box is $1.99.