My top 5 favorite movies of all time

In case you couldn't already tell, my mom and I are pretty close. The Lorelai to my Rory, Meredith to my Cristina, Ethel to my Lucy. You get it. 

One of my favorite things on the planet is going to the movies with her. We went so often when I was growing up, we practically lived there. We'd get a big ol' bucket of popcorn, two hot dogs, candy and drinks (the Gilmore Girls would be proud). Then we'd split the popcorn into these cardboard boxes the theater had, sit down and a enjoy a good movie for a couple hours.

I'm a fan of every genre except for scary movies, most comedies, most documentaries, movies that are too-actiony, too cheesy ... but yeah, I generally like everything. Romance movies are my go-to and I have no shame. GIVE ME ALL THE ROM-COMS. I don't care how predictable they are — I want them and I need them and I have to have them. But if you're not a fan of the best kind of movie, you're in luck — not all of my favorites are lovey dovey. 

And now for our feature presentation: My all-time favorite movies in the history of ever and ever amen.

*** Please silence your cell phones ***

1. Titanic (1997)

I mean, c'mon. Uppercrust Rose DeWitt Bukater and third-class passenger Jack Dawson fall in love aboard the ill-fated maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic. This is the romantic drama of all the romantic dramas. If you're lucky, you can find it on Netflix every now and then. Also, cable TV — I love seeing it on TV because it makes me wonder if anyone is watching my favorite movie for the first time ever and that just blows my mind and makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. (Unless they're catching it halfway through, because no. That ruins the whole mood and flow. Just, no). I think I watched this when it was in theaters at the ripe old age of 5, but I don't think I was old enough to fully grasp the enormity of it all. Also, why was I allowed to watch it at 5 years old ... (don't worry, my mom covered my eyes during the ... ahem ... indecent scenes).

But seriously, can you get any better than '90s Leo DiCaprio and the class and poise of Kate Winslet? No, my friends. No you cannot.

Starring: Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kathy Bates, Billy Zane, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stuart, Bill Paxton

2. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

The second film in the original trilogy is arguably the strongest and most popular (shoutout to Irvin Kershner and George Lucas for the gift of Empire). While Luke learns the ways of the force from Yoda, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca escape the Empire's attack on the ice planet Hoth. *shooooom shwwwwooosh shooooom* (those are my lightsaber noises).

I'm ashamed to admit I only started watching Star Wars four years ago. How I survived the past 30+ years, I'll never know. I started with the prequels to view them chronologically and got a little nervous when it was time for Episode IV ... was it going to feel outdated? Definitely no. Not in the slightest. In fact, I was impressed. (Sorry I ever doubted you, George Lucas).

Starring: Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, David Prowse, Peter Mayhew, Billy Dee Williams

3. The Parent Trap (1998)

This 1998 film gives a fresh take on the 1961 original. Starring Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan, The Parent Trap centers on twins Allie and Hallie who meet at camp and plot to reunite their estranged parents. Not only does it have a great storyline, but it boasts a great soundtrack and stellar cast. It makes me want to wear Annie-approved pearls and paint my nails Hallie-poker-playing blue.

Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, Natasha Richardson

4. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999)


As a former Disney Channel Original Movie fanatic, I can assure you that this was Disney in its prime. Zetus Lapetus, it's good. (Apparently BuzzFeed pointed out that that's the incorrect spelling of zetus lapetus, but to me it'll always be "zetus lapetus" and not "cetus-lupeedus"). The TV movie centers on thirteen-year-old Zenon Kar and her adventures to save her futuristic home, a space station orbiting Earth. The movie is set in 2049, which doesn't seem so far away now, but hey, the movie's pre-2000. Also, the clothes! Vega Omega! Limited Too meets a disco ball. I want it all! It's a pre-teen-must-see classic. Heck, even in my old age of 26, I still always ask myself: WWZKD? What would Zenon Kar do?

Starring: Kirsten Storms, Raven-Symoné, Lauren Maltby

Fun fact: They made two sequels, Zenon: The Zequel and Zenon: Z3. Both lunarious.

5. The Notebook (2004)

I don't think there's been a more successful Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-film than The Notebook. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have undeniable chemistry on-screen (and off — bowchickawowwow. Keeping my fingers crossed they'll reconcile one day). Set in the 1940s, mill worker Noah Calhoun (Gosling) and young heiress Allie Hamilton (McAdams) meet in South Carolina one summer and fall in love ... and then stuff happens and they drift apart and then more stuff happens and well, it's wonderful and heartbreaking and beautiful. Great, now my eyes are all watery.

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands, James Marsden

Honorable mention: Legally Blonde + Love, Rosie