This Week In Music, volume 2

Aaaaand, I'm back. Welcome to This Week In Music: The Sequel. Here's what I've had on repeat this past week. Happy listening.

1. The Birds of Finland — Conner Youngblood

Twenty-eight-year-old Conner Youngblood isn't your typical singer-songwriter. His music is peaceful and fluid; his talent, raw and organic. But his style? For that, you'll just have to listen. Youngblood tends to stray from songs about romance, instead, focusing his lyrics around nature and destinations (just look at his song titles). 'The Birds of Finland' adds to the indie artist's already exquisite collection of music.

2. Gravity — Leo Stannard ft. Frances

Nine times out of 10 this week, you'll find me blasting this song, dancing around my living room. It's catchy, romantic and well, it's Leo Stannard! If you're a fan of Ben Howard, Nick Mulvey, heck, even Ed Sheeran, you'll love this UK-born singer-songwriter. 'Gravity' is a song that'll rip your heart out (in a good way) and make you wish it was written for you. Frances' vocals compliment Stannard's gravel beautifully, making this one of the best from his debut album — hands down. And then the lyrics. I mean, c'mon:

"Whenever I feel far from home
Facing the world on my own
You are the calm in my storm
You are the light
You are the light that's guiding me
The only one I see
The only one I need
You're my gravity"

Swoon. OK, moving on.

3. False Alarms  — Leo Stannard

JK, here's one more from Stannard. 'False Alarms' is another treasure from his debut albumMaratea

4. Better Than I Used To Be (acoustic) — Mat Kearney

I love many of Kearney's upbeat tunes, but I really enjoy listening to him in this more relaxed, laid-back beat. In the acoustic version of 'Better Than I Used To Be,' Kearney swaps the original electronic sound with a good ol' acoustic guitar. 

5. Confetti — Bien

If confetti had a sound, it would sound like Confetti. Nashville-based Bien is fun, funky and fresh. They add sparkle to the indie-pop genre. 'Confetti' was their first single in 2016 and it does not disappoint. It's a feel-good, whimsical song that you can dance to on repeat. And should.

6. Spinning on Blue —  Bien

Giving Bien a second song on this playlist because this is dream-pop at its finest. If you like them, you're bound to like another dream-pop duo by the name of The Honey Trees. Guaranteed.

7. Cover the Earth — Daniella Mason

If Bien is dream-pop, Mason is dream-pop wearing a leather jacket and red lipstick. It's edgy, it's electronic and you'll be humming this song for hours on end the coming week. Enjoy.

8. Holy Ghost — Jessie Early

This week's playlist has a lot of girl power and I love it. Jessie Early easily fits in with the sounds of Bien and Daniella Mason, so if you're a fan of them, you'll love this little indie-pop artist, too.

9. Issues — Imaginary Future

I'm not gonna lie. While I love covers, I was scared to hear this one. How could you cover a song by Julia Michaels?? JULIAMICHAELS! Her voice cracks are so unique to her style and sound, I didn't know how anyone could give 'Issues' a different arrangement worthy of praise ... but it happened. Never doubt the genius of Imaginary Future (aka indie-folk artist Jesse Epstein). Epstein stripped down the 2017 hit, peeling back the layers one guitar strum at a time. Singer-songwriter Kina Grannis (Epstein's wife!) adds harmonies on the cover, making it that much more intrinsically beautiful. 

10. Dying In LA — Panic! At The Disco

Like most middle and high schoolers, I grew up listening to the likes of Fall Out Boy, Relient K, Blink-182, etcetera etcetera. I remember sitting in my 9th grade math class when one of my friends walked in talking about this new band called Panic! At The Disco. Their hit single, 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' was so catchy and imaginary-drumstick-inspiring. I'll admit that I lost touch with their music through the years, but when I saw they had a new album out, 13-year-old me had to press play. 'Dying In LA' is lightyears away from their sound in A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. Don't get me wrong, I still sing in a hairbrush to their old stuff, but this made me fall in love with them all over again. 

Here's this week's playlist:


*** Please note: If you're reading this post and it's old, the playlist above has already been updated to the current week and won't reflect the songs on this list ***