Friday Favorites, volume 3

Hope you've all had a great week! Mine was pretty typical Kassi ... lots of pizza, obsessing over Big Brother (Are you guys watching?! Best season in a long time. I'm rooting for Tyler!) and currently, I'm watching old Coldplay interviews on YouTube. So yeah, pretty normal.

In other news, here are my five favorite things from the past week:

1. It's August which means it's almost September which means it's practically fall and basically Christmas so Happy New Year! I'm ringing in the holiday season early by trying this peppermint fudge recipe I found. It only has THREE ingredients! Isn't that insane?! I'll let you know the results.

2. If you're living in NYC or Chicago, this one's for you. I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday and stumbled upon this free burrito app. Yes, you read that right. Once a day, you'll get a notification from the app and if you're one of the first 10 to open it, you get a FREE BURRITO! How cool is that?! *packs bags for NYC + CHI*

3. THIS video of James Corden and Ariana Grande making a Titanic musical. Too good.

4. I've been eyeing these booties from Target but they never seem to have them in stock at my local store. Look at how cute they are! P.S. Did you know that if you scroll down a bit on a product's page, you can view photos posted from other customers in those booties (or other products) that use the #TargetStyle hashtag? So neat and helpful!

5. Would it be a Friday Favorites without mentioning Trader Joe's? Probably not. I just picked up a box of these limited-edition Neapolitan Joe-Joe's. If you're a TJ's newbie, think of a Neapolitan Oreo — a strawberry creme-filled cookie sandwiched by one chocolate wafer and one vanilla wafer. YUM. 


I know Lauren Graham's "Talking As Fast As I Can" is nearly two years old, but this thing called life got in the way so I just recently finished it and MAMMA MIA, it's good! She starts the book talking about her experience as an up-and-coming actress, chronicles her time on the "Gilmore Girls" set and probably my favorite part — THE JOURNALING SHE DID ON SET OF "GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE." I was teary through the whole thing, especially at every mention of Ed Hermann. It really felt like I was sitting in the Gilmore household, chatting over coffee with Lorelai herself. Five stars. Also, the section about Old Lady Jackson. EL OH EL.



Happy Friday!