This Week In Music, volume 4

Fridays are hands-down one of my favorite days of the week ... because it means new music! Since there have been so many good tunes lately, narrowing down this list was a bit tricky. (FYI: Any songs I'm listening to that don't end up on this list can be found on my Summer 2018 playlist. Songs from previous 'This Week' posts will be there, too). This little ol' list includes three covers, a wee bit of country, some folk and a whole lot of goodness.

*Ryan Seacrest voice* Dim the lights, here we go.

1. Choose You Twice. — Ben Zaidi

Despite being from 2016, this song by folk artist Ben Zaidi just came on my radar. Overall, it's a mellow tune that beautifully weaves instruments with soft electronic beats. 

2. U Got It Bad (recorded at spotify studios stockholm) — Lykke Li

I love this Usher cover for so many reasons. For one, it's AN USHER COVER. For another, it's LYKKE LI COVERING USHER. Swedish singer Lykke Li (Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson) is probably the last person I'd think to cover this song but I love it. Her typical tunes lean toward electronic indie-pop and she adds that exact mix to "U Got It Bad." *clapping emoji*

3. Let's See What The Night Can Do — Jason Mraz

I hate to admit that I kind of fell out of the loop with Mraz after 2008's We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things., but this was a pleasant surprise. This new single from his latest album, Know., feels like the old Jason Mraz we know and love. As can be predicted, it's a love song that'll have you singing, swooning and all that jazz.

4. Honey — Johnny Balik

"Honey" is a sweet concoction that's a handful of pop and spoonful of soul. I first heard about singer-songwriter Johnny Balik from an Instagram story (an Instagram story!) Major shoutout to Spotify and Instagram for that integration. Oh, and you go on ahead. I'll just be sitting here ... listening to this ... awaiting his full-length album.

5. Open Up — Gallant

Remember when the song "Latch" by Disclosure (feat. Sam Smith) came out and everyone was all, "whoa!" That's how I feel about this song. I know it's from 2016, but the beats and falsetto remind me so much of it. Each song from Gallant's album, Ology, feel like a new electronic adventure. His music is a breath of fresh air to the R&B genre. Give him a listen.

6. Peach — Broods

This New Zealand brother-sister duo can do no wrong in my book. "Peach" is my new favorite song and that is all I have to say because I'm too busy singing along to the song right now.

7. Let's Stay Together — Imaginary Future

Originally released in 1972 by Al Green, "Let's Stay Together" is given the indie-folk treatment by none other than Imaginary Future. LA-based singer-songwriter Jesse Epstein (Imaginary Future) consistently delivers great music and his covers are no different.

8. Animal — Troye Sivan

OK so I've heard of Troye Sivan before but this track stopped me in my tracks. I feel like most of his music is pretty upbeat but "Animal" is a different beast entirely. It's dreamy and mellow (can you tell what kind of music I like yet) and Sivan does it so well. "Animal" is the latest single from his upcoming album, Bloom.

9. To Be Free — Passenger

What I'd give to see Michael David Rosenberg (Passenger) play live. "To Be Free" tells a beautiful story from beginning to end and is the latest of many singles he's released this year.

10. Bad At Love (Recorded at Sound Stage Studios Nashville) — Old Dominion

This is for all you country fans. Or Halsey fans. Because it's OLD DOMINION COVERING HALSEY and it sounds like a completely different song! The country group could've easily had this on their last album. Job well done, boys.