This Week In Music, volume 6

This week was a gold mine for new music releases — especially in the indie genre. Some of my favorite new artists released singles, some well-known musicians are back after some radio silence and to top it off, there were a number of unlikely (but wonderful) collaborations. Check out the full playlist at the bottom of this post.

1. I’m With You - Single Edit — Vance Joy

While Vance Joy’s ‘I’m With You’ was featured on his 2018 album, Nation Of Two, this single edit offers a new interpretation. And by ‘new interpretation,’ I mean an ever so slight difference in the beat. Listen to the new version in the playlist below and see for yourself.

2. False Confidence — Noah Kahan

I instantly fell in love with Kahan’s music a few months ago and it’s safe to say he’s without a doubt my new favorite artist. His music is catchy, effortless and full of emotion. Kahan’s latest release, ‘False Confidence,’ is an upbeat number that I’ll be singing into my a hair brush in the days to come.

3. Guiding Light — Mumford & Sons

THEY’RE BACK! The OG hipster band has officially returned! The British quartet known for its rasp, gravel and banjo-strumming ways recently dropped its latest single, ‘Guiding Light’ from its forthcoming album, Delta. Ugh, I missed these guys.

4. This Feeling — The Chainsmokers, Kelsea Ballerini

OK, say it with me now … I CAN’T EVEN! If it’s one thing we can agree on it’s that The Chainsmokers consistently deliver electrifying dance beats. And in case you’ve been living under a rock, Kelsea Ballerini is undoubtedly one of the best female artists on country radio. This is a match made in heaven.

5. Hot Heavy Summer — Ben Howard, Sylvan Esso

My love for Ben Howard and Sylvan Esso (Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn) runs deep, so you can just imagine my excitement when I heard about this collaboration. (I may have screamed). Howard and Meath’s voices work so well together in ‘Hot Heavy Summer,’ and simply put, the song is a work of art. Howard also released two solo tracks: ‘Another Friday Night’ and ‘Sister.’ These three songs were recorded during sessions for Howard’s most recent album, Noonday Dream. While they didn’t make the album cut, the singer-songwriter opted to release them together as a set. We are officially hashtag blessed.

5. Funeral Singers — Sylvan Esso, Collections Of Colonies Of Bees

While we’re on the subject of Sylvan Esso … the indie duo recently teamed up with tour mates Collections Of Colonies Of Bees for this cover of Califone’s ‘Funeral Singers.’ While it feels different from Sylvan Esso’s norm, their emotion-filled rendition feels just right.

6. Beyond - Live — Leon Bridges, Luke Combs

And speaking of collaborations, this one surprised me the most. (Thanks, “CMT Crossroads”). It’s one thing to experience the soulful and buttery voice of Leon Bridges, but to hear him sing with country singer Luke Combs?? I never thought this duet would happen but I’m so glad it did.

8. A White Tree With a Jet Black Dove — Jason Reeves

I feel like Jason Reeves was my introduction to the singer-songwriter genre. I vividly remember being introduced to his music via his 2008 album The Magnificent Adventures Of Heartache [And Other Frightening Tales…]. (Side note: Go listen to that album. It’s magical). His latest album, Portals, is a lovely reminder that Reeves’ music will always be full of heart and hope at its core. ‘A White Tree With a Jet Black Dove’ is just one of its golden nuggets.

9. Casey’s Song - Live In Banff, AB April 18th, 2017 — City and Colour

Hold onto your chairs: Singer-songwriter Dallas Green (City and Colour) recently launched his label Still Records and … wait for it … its first release is a live, 21-song City and Colour album called Guide Me Back Home. (Are you crying yet because I am). Green’s voice is otherwordly. I’m a sucker for stripped down versions of any songs so the anticipation for this is killing me. To bide time until the album’s release on Oct. 5, a few songs dropped just the other day including a live version of 2005’s ‘Casey’s Song.’

10. Didn’t See It Coming — My Brothers and I

Yeah, I didn’t see this beautiful song coming when I pressed play, but here we are. Officially keeping an eye (or ear?) out for all future My Brothers and I releases. Here’s what frontman David Wrugler had to say about ‘Didn’t See It Coming’:

“It’s not about some perfect Instagram couple who never struggles and is always happy. It’s about a real relationship that isn’t always easy,
but is always worth it. It’s a story about finding the person you not only want to grow old with, but grow with and learn with, too.”
David Wrugler (My Brothers and I frontman)

Am I crying? Is there something in my eye? You’ll never know.