Seasonal playlists: Winter 2018

That’s probably the last time I’ll type 2018 right up there ^ and it feels pretty weird. The year 2019 sounds so futuristic and far away. When I close my eyes, I picture “Zenon” and “The Jetsons,” but I think the closest thing we have to those are iPads and Roombas … I’ll take what I can get. It seriously feels like 1998 was just 2 years ago!

I love the holiday season so much, but the minute Dec. 26 hits, I get sad. Sure, you still have New Years to look forward to, but knowing Christmas is over, I feel like some of the magic is gone. If I could relive September through December on loop, I would. Winter is my absolute favorite! It’s a time to reflect, a time to gather ‘round with family, a reminder of the greatest gift He gave us long ago. It’s a time for hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, crackling fires … and, of course, the best music for winter drives and late nights snuggled up on the couch. (Can I get an amen?)

Here’s my Winter 2018 playlist featuring some of my current favorites. I’ll keep adding to it throughout the season, too, so keep your ears peeled. (That sounds kind of gross, sorry). What have you been listening to lately? Drop it in the comments below!


Wishing you all an incredible 2019 filled with hope, love and light!