happy spring!

I hate the sunshine. There, I said it 🤭 I love downpours and Christmastime and all things winter, so the minute those little pink flowers start blooming and the sun peeks through the clouds, I get super nostalgic for those three frigid months of cold. (By frigid I mean 50-60 degrees. I’m a Californian, what can I say 😬 However, I do think snow + I would be besties). I’m probably in the minority on that (sorry to all the sun enthusiasts out there), but lately I’ve been trying to focus on the parts of spring I actually love:

1. Easter + Jesus!!!
2. those chocolates that look like little eggs but are coated in different pastel colors but aren’t the Cadbury creme eggs and does anyone actually know what I’m talking about??
3. alllllll the citrus essential oils (I’m looking at you, orange, grapefruit, lemon + tangerine)


bring on the citrus 🤘🏼

I love adding a drop or two of a Young Living Vitality citrus oil to my glass water bottle for the flavor + antioxidant boost!

ps — how cute is this water bottle from Target!? I got it in the dollar section and it comes in a bunch of other colors so I bought this one and a white one because $3 for a glass water bottle is cheap and look how cute!!

**I only recommend ingesting Young Living Vitality essential oils since those are specifically made for ingestion. Also, make sure you’re using glass when ingesting an eo!**


4. all the happy music! — technically happy songs are always available, but something about spring makes me want to bust out all the upbeat tunes + have 24/7 dance parties.

Speaking of music, I create a playlist every season based on what I’m listening to, what’s new or what feels right for the season. I made a Spring 2019 one that I’ll be adding to throughout the season AND I also made a ‘dancing in the kitchen’ playlist (filled with every upbeat, feel-good, sing-a-long tune I could think of) … *applause erupts* I know, I know, you’re welcome *takes bow* 😜 I’ve tested that last one out and can confirm it’s A+ material for all your kitchen dance parties or for belting out in the shower 👍🏼

What are you listening to lately?

Happy listening and happy spring! xx Kassi