Friday Favorites, volume 4

Happy Friday! This week has felt like the longest week in the history of weeks. In other news, I just had a pistachio ice cream bar. So there's that. But that's not what you're reading this for so let's just cut to the chase, yeah?

Here are my five favorite things from the past week:

1. As a fellow '90s girl, I am pro-overalls. So when I saw Target's Wild Fable brand had a cute pair, I had to share! (Hey, that rhymes). They're not online yet, but here's a picture of them via the @targetdoesitagain Instagram:

2. This White Pumpkin candle from Bath & Body Works. IT'S THE BEST-SMELLING CANDLE I'VE EVER SMELLED. It smells like pumpkins, fall, cinnamon and everything good and pure in this world. Go to your local Bath & Body Works right this instant! And then buy one for me, too. (JK ... sort of).

3. I hadn't been to my hometown mall in ages until a few months ago. Some new stores came in, some old ones left. But the best new store of them all? Hand down Boxed Lunch. It's the funnest little store selling all kinds of memorabilia from your favorite TV shows, movies, etcetera. Friends, Gilmore Girls, Star Wars, Disney, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Grey's Anatomy, Clueless ... anything and everything you've ever wanted. Don't have a store in town? Don't fret! They're online, too.


4. This article from Darling Magazine on our social media usage. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I've deactivated my Facebook a number of times (only to have it brought back because it's connected to my Spotify account but that's a whole different issue so back to the task at hand ... ), and I've recently thought about getting rid of my personal Instagram. Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends, but oddly enough, it can disconnect you from them as well. I've often wondered if I deleted my Instagram, would the same friends that follow me and like my photos reach out and say hi to me outside of social media? Would they care to check in? Or is that one like on a photo the only thing keeping our friendship afloat? I don't know about you, but I'd rather cultivate my relationships in person than by likes, favorites, retweets, what have you. Why do you use social media? Do you use social media too much? Has it helped or hurt your relationships?

5. It was my mom's birthday this week and as part of her gift, I wanted to find her a good pair of flip flops. (She's not a Rainbow fan, sorry). I perused my local Flip Flop Shop and happily stumbled upon a brand called Cobian. I tried so many different brands that day and these were without a doubt the most comfortable. Not only that, but they also give back to various organizations! And they're a Christian company! AND they have a Bethany Hamilton collection! On top of that, the two pairs I walked away with are both vegan-friendly and one of 'em is water-friendly! I could go on and on about this brand and while I'm a fan of Rainbows, these are far cheaper, don't hurt to break in and I love what the company stands for. Hip hip hooray! (Or should I say 'flip flip' hooray?)

At left, the Hanalei in black from the Bethany Collection. At right, the Nias Bounce in black.

At left, the Hanalei in black from the Bethany Collection. At right, the Nias Bounce in black.


Happy Friday!