May the 4th Be With You (and these diffuser blends!)

I’m ashamed to admit it took me 38 years to truly watch and appreciate “Star Wars” and all its intergalactic glory.

Granted, I’m only 27, but that’s still no excuse.

I heard of the franchise long before I became a fan, but I never took a major fascination with the sci-fi franchise until later in life. Fun fact: George Lucas is actually from my hometown! (He walked the same streets! He breathed the same air!). That blows my mind to think about now, but preteen Kassi didn’t feel any which way about it. In fact, I had a school field trip one year where we went to watch one of the prequels in IMAX … but to this day I can’t remember which one it was and it clearly didn’t make a big enough impact on my life (again, it was a PREQUEL, but I also blame my lack of knowledge of the “Star Wars” universe at that point in time 🤦🏻‍♀️).

But all of that changed when talk for “The Force Awakens” began to build and I knew I had to give into the hype. So a long time ago (2015), in a galaxy far, far away (my apartment), I powered up my droid (my laptop) and entered the world of Star Wars (that’s when I hit play). I started with Episode I, but I always wonder if I should have started at Episode IV in order to view them the way they were released slash intended. (But then I remember I’m one of those people who hates when people watch things out of order or start halfway through sooo let’s just say I started at “The Phantom Menace” for my peace of mind 🤷🏻‍♀️haha). Plus, I mean, I already knew the whole ‘who’s your daddy’ reveal, so there was nothing to spoil in regards to that.

Nowadays, I’m a self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd and will immediately befriend anyone willing to strike up a conversation on the franchise — anything from who shot first, ewoks (love ‘em or hate ‘em?) and ultimately, which film reigns superior. (For the record, it’s ‘Empire’).

And in honor of May the Fourth, I put together some fun diffuser blends!

today's outfit (2).png

Bust out your diffusers, put these on blast and May the 4th Be With You!