summer 2019 playlist

Happy summer! (and sunshine and pool days and sweat and humidity 🥴 ps — that’s my new favorite emoji and you bet your behind I’m going to use it every chance I get 💁🏻‍♀️).

Summer isn’t my favorite time of year (surprise, surprise), but I’m trying to embrace the things about it that I do love — popsicles, longer days, Big Brother being back on air, So You Think You Can Dance (have you seen this performance?! or this one or this one??), air conditioning (hah) … and good music! Also, I shared this watermelon spritzer recipe on the ‘gram a couple weeks ago and it’s my favorite thing on the planet lately:

In a magic bullet (or blender that’ll hold about 16 oz) — blend coconut water, watermelon, 2 drops Young Living Lime vitality and a little stevia — that’s it! So tasty and refreshing for those hot summer days!


I promise it tastes 10000000% better than it looks 🥴🤪 But back to the music — here’s the soundtrack to my summer so far:


What have you been listening to lately?