They see me rollin'

Everywhere I look, someone else is Marie Kondo-ing.

I tend to keep a minimal closet as it is, but I rifled through hangers last week and threw out anything and everything anti-joy. I probably came out with 2 full Trader Joe’s bags, but in my defense, my life’s belongings fit in my Civic (trust me, it’s happened), so I didn’t have much to toss.

It was around this time that I figured “the Kondo” (which kind of sounds like the Conga and therefore makes it sound more fun, no?), could be applied to so much more than material things. That’s right, friends. I took “the Kondo” digital. My desktop, social platforms, everything.

I’ve had my blog, The Light of Grey, for nearly 9 months now and I’ve shared various posts on life, music, recipes, etcetera, all in the hopes of sprinkling a little more light in the world along the way. In the meantime, I also started my own business, Poppy + Pine, where I’ve shared about essential oils, natural living + wellness over on Instagram. But the more I looked at both, the more I realized I wanted a space that combined it all — a place to not only share the light, but also my passion for natural living. For those that followed me on The Light Of Grey, this is just an extension of that. If you’re following me from Poppy + Pine on Instagram, this is my wordier self, hah. And if you’re completely new, that’s my face over there, hahah. Either way, I’m so glad to have you here! This is just me trying to make everything a little less crazy … and rollin’ on all the essential oils every chance I get. 🤘🏼