what are essential oils?

+ essential oils are the “lifeblood” of the plant
+ they come from the plant’s rind, stem, leaves, petals, etcetera
+ they’re extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping and cold pressing
+ they protect plants from disease and provide nutrients
+ essential oils are health-promoting botanicals as they support emotional wellness, physical wellness and more!

how do we use essential oils?

essential oils can be used three ways:

+ aromatically
diffusing allows us to enjoy the scent as well as the health benefits of the oils

+ topically
on the skin, either straight on (“neat”) or diluted with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil

+ internally
in food, water, veggie capsules, etcetera

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why should I use oils?

While oils are a great way to make your home smell pretty, they are so, so much more than that!
They’re great at providing all kinds of wellness support including:

+ immune support
+ emotional support
+ sleep support
+ physical support
and more

One oil can have several uses and there are so many ways to incorporate them into our daily life. Plus, they’re all natural!

I share all about how I use essential oils and non-toxic products on Poppy + Pine, my natural living + wellness Instagram below:

why Young Living?


Not all essential oils are created equally.

Essential oils can be labeled as 100% pure even if they only contain 5% of the pure oil. The other 95% of the bottle can be filled with chemical fillers, synthetic fragrances, water, etcetera. Not only has Young Living been around since 1993, but they’ve developed their own “Seed to Seal” promise that ensures they’ve inspected the purity of the oil from the planting of the seed to the sealing of the bottle. Their oils come from their own farms, partner farms and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers.
Learn more at seedtoseal.com.

Aside from oils, Young Living carries so many non-toxic products for the home, kids, makeup, babies, pets, skincare and more!

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are the oils and products expensive?

We all buy toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap, etcetera. Why not take the money we use for that and put it toward a healthier alternative? There are so many natural DIYs you can make using oils (hand soap, body wash, carpet powder — the possibilities are endless!) that end up saving you money in the long run. A 15-ml bottle of lavender has 250-300 drops. It breaks down to $0.007-0.09 per drop! The oils are potent and super concentrated and last a long time because of that.

On top of that, Young Living has an optional, monthly and customizable subscription box called Essential Rewards that gets you free promos, reduced shipping and points back to use on future items (more free stuff!!)

if I buy a kit, do I have to sell oils?

Nope! You can buy products (retail or as a wholesale member) without doing the business. If you become a member, you’ll become part of the Poppy + Pine family, get plugged into our FB groups and be provided with all the tools and resources you need to use your oils! You can enjoy all the resources and your 24% off wholesale discount without ever doing the biz.

But if you decide to do the business, we’re here to help + cheer you on every step of the way! We have FB groups for the biz side with all kinds of resources along with a FREE mentorship to learn about the business and help you succeed!


are there monthly or hidden fees?


When you purchase a kit, the Young Living wholesale membership is included! There’s absolutely no monthly or renewal fee. The only condition of keeping your membership is that you order at least 50 PV ($50) of product per year, otherwise you’ll go inactive and have to contact Young Living to reinstate your membership.

Young Living also has its Essential Rewards (ER) program where you just need to spend 50 PV ($50) per month, but ER is completely optional!


how do I get started?

The best way to get started is by getting a Premium Starter Kit. The kit comes with 12 of the most popular oils, your choice of diffuser, 2 NingXia Red samples, a Theives cleaner sample, Thieves hand purifier, 2 roller fitments + more! Check it out below:


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