They see me rollin'

Everywhere I look, someone else is Marie Kondo-ing.

I tend to keep a minimal closet as it is, but I rifled through hangers last week and threw out anything and everything anti-joy. I probably came out with 2 full Trader Joe’s bags, but in my defense, my life’s belongings fit in my Civic (trust me, it’s happened), so I didn’t have much to toss.

It was around this time that I figured “the Kondo” (which kind of sounds like the Conga and therefore makes it sound more fun, no?), could be applied to so much more than material things. That’s right, friends. I took “the Kondo” digital. My desktop, social platforms, everything.

I’ve had my blog, The Light of Grey, for nearly 9 months now and I’ve shared various posts on life, music, recipes, etcetera, all in the hopes of sprinkling a little more light in the world along the way. In the meantime, I also started my own business, Poppy + Pine, where I’ve shared about essential oils, natural living + wellness over on Instagram. But the more I looked at both, the more I realized I wanted a space that combined it all — a place to not only share the light, but also my passion for natural living. For those that followed me on The Light Of Grey, this is just an extension of that. If you’re following me from Poppy + Pine on Instagram, this is my wordier self, hah. And if you’re completely new, that’s my face over there, hahah. Either way, I’m so glad to have you here! This is just me trying to make everything a little less crazy … and rollin’ on all the essential oils every chance I get. 🤘🏼

Friday Favorites, volume 9

Happy Friday, friends! I’m rounding up all the things I’m loving lately and thought I’d share ’em with ya. I hope you all have a great weekend filled with love and light! But without further adieu:

1. I’ve seen this thermal sweater from Urban Outfitters on Instagram approximately 4,538 times. So many people were raving about it and it happened to be on sale, so I had to check it out. The verdict? The hype is REAL! I ordered it in tan and I want it in 34980938 other colors! It’s thin but so, so soft and cozy! It can also be worn tied or loose and bonus: it’s still on sale! I’m planning on wearing it until the end of time.

2. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. If you’re new around here, I’m a big Dermot Kennedy fan and he just released a new single called “Lost.” Check out the audio below:

3. If I could live in yoga pants, I would … I probably wear them 6/7 days out of a week already. I’m pretty picky when it comes to finding a new pair, though. Enter, Fabletics. I saw they were running a 2 for $24 sale and that’s just unheard of in yoga pants land. So I browsed their site and before I knew it, this pair and this pair were in my cart. They’re the comfiest pairs I’ve EVER worn and should I ever need yoga pants again, Fabletics has my business. Did I mention both of those pairs have pockets! Say whaaaaaat!?

4. Entertainment Weekly recently reunited the cast of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (and a few other rom coms) for their Valentine’s Day edition cover and it has me feeling all the feelings. Read or watch the interview for a little late-90s nostalgia. “You’re never gonna be Jell-O!”

5. Two members from Pentatonix formed their own duo called Superfruit and they just released their cover of “The Promise.” Bonus: the music video features skating from none other than America’s sweetheart, Adam Rippon. (Every time I watch him skate, it makes me want to take lessons because just look at how amazing he is! I wanna look that graceful.)

6. Lastly, this is completely unsponsored, but I need to rave about Warby Parker for a second. I’ve been getting frames from Warby for 5 years now and I couldn’t love them anymore. Their customer service goes above and beyond every time. I had to exchange my recent pair (thanks to my doctor’s office’s inaccurate measurements) and Warby handled everything so smoothly! Long story short: cheap frames, stylish options, free shipping AND they give a pair back! I’ve had Welty, Burke and most recently, Chamberlain. Love love love.